The objectives of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies as spelt out in its Constitution and Bylaws are as follows:

  1. Establish places of worship for the propagating of the Christian Faith
  2. Organize and conduct schools for religious instructions.
  3. Build and operate schools for secular education.
  4. Own, operate and use the facilities of established news media, in accordance with the laws of the territory.
  5. Carry on home and foreign missionary work for the spread of the Christian Faith.
  6. Carry on charitable and philanthropic work
  7. Collect, solicit and accept funds and subscriptions for the carrying on of the work of the corporate body and for religious, educational, charitable, or benevolent purposes.
  8. Publish, sell and distribute Christian Literature.
  9. Operate Friendly Societies, Cooperative and Pension Funds.
  10. Exercise any of the powers conferred on duly incorporated and registered benevolent societies by local, regional or governmental authority.
  11. Conduct street, way-side or open-air services in keeping with local regulations.
  12. Purchase, sell or otherwise acquire and dispose of property of a fixed or movable nature.
  13. Build and operate hospitals and clinics.
  14. Build and operate orphanages and homes for the aged.