Women's Ministries


  1. To provide an atmosphere that will accommodate the changing needs of today’s woman.
  2. To minister to every woman according to her needs.
  3. To help each woman find her personal place of ministry.
  4. Helping believers attain Christian maturity.
  5. Making opportunities for new women to accept the Lord as their personal Saviour.


  1. Acts of Kindness – Working together through the W.M. can establish regular or occasional acts of kindness to your community.
  2. Interest Groups – These groups are established to bring women together around a mutual interest or vision. It is a tool for evangelism to reach out to friends and neighbours.
  3. Service Programmes – Hospital Ministry; Prison Ministry; Ministry to the Elderly; Ministry to Young Mothers etc.
  4. Major Events – Planned 2-4 times a year specifically for the purpose of Evangelism and Outreach. Using the theme to its maximum both in spiritual and practical planning.
Download the PAWI Departmental Policy.