Pentecostal Crusaders


Pentecostal Crusaders is the official week-day paramilitary program for children and youth of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies. The sole purpose is to apply Christian Education to every phase of a life. “Crusading” was chosen because it is indicative of a brave campaign to guard the right against wrong. The program and its terminology interpret living for Christ as a Crusade. Crusading is an exciting trek along the first miles of the highway of life to provide youth with adventure, and opportunities to develop leadership abilities and Christian fellowship.


  1. To lead boys and girls to Christ.
  2. To develop Christian character in both its leadership and its rank.
  3. To impart Bible Knowledge.
  4. To develop leadership abilities.
  5. To develop interests in various skills.
  6. To provide wholesome recreational activities.
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