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To be a vibrant, global organization, built upon sound biblical truths and unity, which utilizes its resources to serve all people.

The General Bishop’s Vision for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies

I do not have knowledge of the future, even though I wish God had given me just a little bit of it. But I am Holy Spirit filled, I speak in tongues regularly, I talk to the omniscient God daily and I believe that He speaks to His servant to give direction to His people. Martin Luther called it “a dream,” others call it “vision,” you can determine what it is, but this is where I would like to see the fellowship of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies go in the future…

  1. We must as an organization adhere to our established core values based on the scriptures and allow then to guide our thinking and actions as we give leadership to this organization.
  2. We must have a commitment to Biblically based spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, daily meditation on the Word of God, sharing our Christian faith with others) and our Pentecostal distinctive (the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues, divine healing, and holy living) must never become a traditional exercise but must remain an everyday reality in both the ministers and the members.
  3. There must be an increased emphasis on world missions with a closer focus on the non-English speaking Caribbean and Central America. We are too close to be so far.
  4. Critical to our growth and survival is the re-emphasis on church planting. Each district should seek to establish at least one church in the conference term. I prefer another church than a rum shop, brothel, drug den or night club.
  5. Greater care should be shown to our human resource – credentialed workers. A review of the remuneration packages, personal development and family life programs should be periodically undertaken to ensure comfortable working conditions.
  6. The parts must move closer to becoming a united whole. Each must feel significant and we must speak philosophically and practically in terms of “we PAWI” and not “them PAWI”. There should also be greater utilization of the perceived neglected parts of the whole to complement the whole. Women, business and professional members must be given greater opportunities for involvement.
  7. The West Indies School of Theology should become an integral part of the organization’s succession planning process and more efforts should be placed on encouraging our youth to see ministry, more so full-time ministry, in both the traditional and non-traditional or contemporary areas.
  8. PAWI must be a prophetic voice that “fore tells” to the nations the mind of God on issues relating to the nation. This must be done intelligently, without bias, and with sensitivity to the diversities in our Caribbean community. The world needs to hear the voice of God through the servants of God.
  9. PAWI must be visibly proactive in relating and responding to the social maladies that haunt our society. This has to be done with patience and sensitivity.
  10. Leadership must lead. Leadership at every level of the organization must lead with sensitivity, spirituality and purpose.