Organizational Structure

In order to accomplish its purpose as spelt out in its Mission Statement and Objectives, P.A.W.I. International is organized as follows:

The highest decision making body, which meets biennially.

Gives oversight between General Conferences. The General Executive are responsible for:

  • Human resource development at all levels of organization (i.e. identifying skills needed and where, skills possessed, and develop training programs for imparting those skills).
  • Providing the infrastructure for social ministry on a macro scale.
  • Maximizing the use of finances and creating new streams of income for PAWI.
  • Creating a structure for effective communication throughout the organization especially from the head office to all congregation members.
  • Encouraging greater real estate development.

Highest decision making body in each District, which meets annually.

Gives oversight to the District between District Conferences. The District acts as the facilitator and middle manager in ensuring that the directives of the executive body are carried out. Secondly they will also be responsible for ensuring that the primary objectives of the church are well mapped out and that they are being executed. In their role as the overseer of churches, the District also acts as liaison/communication facilitator between the executive and the pastors and churches, ensuring a two-way flow of information.

Led by a pastor and together, in each locale, form a District. The responsibilities of the local church are evangelism, missions, edification of the body (counselling, discipling, family growth) and financial stewardship.


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